• China-Based Pop3 Email Hosting
    • Flexible Account based pricing
    • Mix & match Mail-Box sizes based on what each user needs
    • Reliable Sending & Receiving of Email anywhere in the world
    • Quick connectivity for China-Based Users
    • Send email from your PC/ Laptop/ Tablet/ Phone (compatible with both iOS/ Android/ Windows Mobile)
    • Dedicated Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam Gateway customized to block international threats, AND those unique to China
  • Managed Hosting Service
    • Single Point of Contact by Phone or Email for all issues
    • Dedicated Bi-Lingual Account Manager
    • On-line Ticketing & Issue Tracking System
    • 24/7 Real-time Connectivity Monitoring
    • 99.99% Up-Time Guarantee
A modern company lives on its ability to communicate with its clients and partners, and Quick & Reliable Email Communications is the bedrock of this.
However, in China connecting to an Email Server located abroad can be an exercise in frustration, that leads to wasted time and potentially lost business
Take the uncertainty out of using your email, and get back to communicating with your customers easily with a cost effective Hosted Email Service designed to ensure daily business communication into and out of China.
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