Cant connect to your International Server?


Unable to Send/Receive Email or get the Files/Data you need? 

Unable to use international websites because the connection is too slow

Does your VPN keep getting Disconnected?

Need a solution that Just Works?

Get a Private MPLS Gateway for your Office:

  • SSBG will research & recommend a MPLS Gateway Provider according to your budget & technical requirements.
  • And Manage the line application & installation process from start to finish.
Why It Works

This is a problem for every foreign company in China. The SLOW&UNSTABLE access speeds to foreign websites & server is the result of the bottle-neck caused by the China Firewall. Not only is the connection heavily filtered, but also severely limited in terms of bandwidth and access speeds.

While a VPN will allow you to visit blocked websites, it cannot increase the connection speed as it has to go through the same SLOW&UNSTABLE connection that ALL regular internet traffic goes through.

Instead of going through the same connection that ALL regular internet traffic goes through, you can bypass the China Firewall entirely and have your own private international internet connection outside of China. The MPLS Gateway will not only give your ENTIRE OFFICE a faster and more reliable international internet connection, but also allow them to view blocked websites without a VPN.

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