Sometimes after acquiring a new office, or through lack of organized documentation managers do not always have a clear picture of what IT systems they have in their China office or why they are having persistent problems. They want to understand what the state is of their office infrastructure, what can be done with it, and what functions are possible if they make changes or upgrade.

Through a quick project from a 3rd party IT consultant with the experience building & running corporate offices in china, they can have complete complete transparency on what they have and what can be done with it.

  • All office equipment given asset tags for easy tracking & management
  • Clear Documentation detailing the Quantity, Age, and Configuration of Systems
  • Concise report explaining the root cause of issues and next steps to resolve them
  • Cost Effective recommendations to improve stability & functionality for your office
  • IT Summary Sheet
  • Network Map
  • Server Rack Diagram
  • Server Room Audit
  • Asset Tag & Equipment List
  • Hardware & Software Inventory
  • Hardware Life-Cycle Plan
  • Identified Security Risk Software List
  • Legal Software Compliance Recommendations
  • Recommended Hardware & Software Standard
  • Network Topology
  • LAN & WAN Speed Test
  • Basic Firewall Configuration Analysis
  • Reported Issue Analysis
  • Server Status & Maintenance Review
  • File Share Matrix
  • User Profile Matrix
  • Reported Issue Analysis
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